Ibn 'Arabi's Writings

This present selection is arranged under short titles and in very approximate chronological order, according to which period of Ibn ʿArabi's life a work was composed in. Details of each work, including a summary and extract, can be accessed by clicking on the individual title, highlighted in red.

Western Period

The Fabulous Gryphon of the West

Description of the Encompassing Circles

The Universal Tree and the Four Birds

Divine Governance of the Human Kingdom

Contemplation of the Holy Mysteries

Book of the Night-Journey

The Twilight of the Stars

Meccan Period

Divine Sayings/Niche of Lights

The Holy Spirit's counsel to the soul

The Crown of Epistles

Adornment of the Substitutes

Eastern Period

The Meccan Illuminations

The Book of Theophanies

The Great Diwan

Revelations at Mosul

The Interpreter of Ardent Desires

Treatise of Lights

Unveiling the Results of Journeying

Prayers for the week

The Book of the Servants of God

The Gemstones of Wisdom