About Anqa Publishing

Anqa Publishing is dedicated to bringing out the works of the great Andalusian mystic, Muhyiddin Ibn ʿArabi (1165–1240), and his line. These writings contain some of the most beautiful and comprehensive depictions of the vision of One Reality in all its facets.

Known as the Greatest Master, Ibn ʿArabi is unquestionably one of the most profound and remarkable figures in the history of world spirituality. His writings are founded on a totally harmonious vision of Reality, integrating all apparent differences without destroying their truths. He has been revered and studied in the Islamic world for 800 years, but has gone largely unnoticed across the rest of the planet, perhaps because he wrote in Arabic and because his works were often considered to be only for the spiritual elite.

Translations of Ibn ʿArabi's works into European languages have come slowly, but this is now changing as more and more scholars in the West begin to discover him, and to glimpse his importance for today’s world.

What for many years has been but a trickle of publications by and about Ibn ʿArabi and his followers in English is growing into a healthy flow, and Anqa Publishing aspires to be a part of this.

Our aim is to produce: 

  • High-quality translations of these classic texts, most of which have never appeared before in Western languages.
  • New and authoritative editions of the Arabic texts, using the best manuscripts available.
  • Contemporary writings and studies of Ibn ʿArabi's writings.


Anqa Publishing was formed as an independent company in Oxford, UK, in 1998, and became a limited company in 2018. It works in close collaboration with the Muhyiddin Ibn ʿArabi Society.