Looking for Muhyiddin

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A film by this famous Tunisian director
Nacer Khemir

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Looking for Muhyiddin DVD

A stunning film by Tunisian film director Nacer Khemir (Wanderers of the Desert 1984, The Dove's Lost Necklace 1991, Bab 'Aziz 2005, Sheherazade 2011, Yasmina 2013, etc.). 

Returning home to bury his mother, a son makes a promise to his father that he will seek out the spiritual master Sheikh Muhyiddin. During his quest he comes across various companions of the Sheikh, and discovers the teachings of the mystical master.

Under the guidance of his master, the man travels from Oxford to Granada, Seville to Fez, Murcia to Istanbul, Cordoba to Konya, New York to Sanaa, and finally from Tunis to Damascus. At each stage he meets friends of the Sheikh, who talk about him, each in their own language –  Arabic, Spanish, English, French, Italian and Turkish.