Since 2004 we have organised occasional tours "in the footsteps" of Ibn ʿArabi. They are designed not simply to visit great buildings and works of art but to really penetrate, through an exercise of sensitive imagination and openness, into that buried history of the saintly men and women who lived in these places. 

We have taken groups to Andalusia and Anatolia, visiting the places which Ibn ʿArabi mentions in his writings and seeing what remains of his time. We also read and discuss passages from Ibn ʿArabi's works, which describe people and events there.

The groups are small, up to a maximum of 20, allowing us to travel to places which are often off the beaten track. The tours are suitable for anyone who wants to travel through the heart as well as physically.

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Physical places produce an effect upon the inner heart… Traces [of the people of God] remain in the places they have been in, by which subtle hearts are affected... You experience your heart more readily in one mosque than in others, and that is not due to the earth but to the company of the people there or their spiritual energies.

Someone who does not find any difference in the experience of his heart between the marketplace and the mosque, is a person of state (hal), not a person of place (maqam).