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Contemplation of the Holy Mysteries

Mashahid al-asrar al-qudsiyya

Muhyiddin Ibn ʿArabi
Translated by Cecilia Twinch and Pablo Beneito

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One of Ibn ʿArabi's first compositions, the Contemplation of the Holy Mysteries (Mashahid al-asrar al-qudsiyya) is a major work of mystical literature. It was written in Andalusia in 1194 (590 AH).

It consists of a series of 14 visions, in the form of dramatic conversations with the Divine, interspersed with dazzling visionary episodes. The style is similar to that of the Mawaqif of al-Niffari, the famous tenth-century Iraqi saint.

These contemplations are full of astounding insights into the nature of existence, our relationship with Reality, and the way to achieve true happiness.

The English translation has been prepared by Pablo Beneito (who edited the original Arabic text) and Cecilia Twinch. It includes a full introduction, and notes based on the commentary of one of Ibn 'Arabi's disciples.

You are yourself the cloud veiling your own sun! So recognize the essential Reality of your being!