The Teachings of a Perfect Master

An Islamic Saint for the Third Millennium

Here, for the very first time, we have at hand the direct teachings of a modern Sufi master. For more than a quarter of a century, Henry Bayman has been in close contact with the Sufi Masters of Central Anatolia. Most of that time was spent in the presence of the peerless Sufi teacher Mr. Ahmet Kayhan. Out of that association has emerged our closest glimpse yet of the famous (and hitherto mysterious) Oral Tradition of Sufism.

The author, combining the rigor of an anthropologist with the devotion of a disciple, has brought us a book that faithfully lays bare the entire range of teachings of the man who may come to be recognized as the Sufi Saint of the Age. It may well serve as the gold standard in Islamic and Sufi studies for years to come.

Imprint: Anqa Publishing
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Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
No. of pages: 485
Published: 2012


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