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The Unlimited Mercifier

The Unlimited Mercifier
The spiritual life and thought of Ibn ʿArabi
Stephen Hirtenstein

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The Unlimited Mercifier presents a comprehensive portrait of Ibn ʿArabi's life and thought, highlighting his special place in history and his particular relevance in the modern world.

The book is a unique arrangement of biographical chapters alternating with chapters on major themes in his work. Divided into five sections, it includes:

  • a full and up-to-date biography, drawn from Ibn ʿArabi's writings
  • a historical overview of the times in which he lived
  • an exploration of key themes in his teachings
  • many new translations, with samples of his handwriting
  • detailed maps and photographs of the places he visited
  • appendices on his major works and contemporaries
  • suggestions for further reading
  • full notes, bibliography and index

This highly readable and lucid book will appeal to anyone interested in the real heart of Sufism or the mystical path.