Prayers for the Week

Awrād al-usbūʿ
the Seven Days of the Heart
English translation and special Arabic edition,
with accompanying recording of the prayers in Arabic

Muhyiddin Ibn ʿArabi


    This book is an expanded and fully revised version of The Seven Days of the Heart, which was first published in 2000. Over the intervening years we have consulted a very large number of manuscript copies of the Awrād in libraries throughout the world, and compare different readings and lines of transmission. The result is that for the first time we are able to provide an Arabic edition, based on the oldest and best manuscripts available, as well as a full transliteration of the prayers for non-Arabic speakers, and an updated translation and notes, with an accompanying recitation recording. We also decided to reflect the generally accepted title of these prayers by changing the main title to Prayers for the Week.

    This very special collection of daily prayers by Ibn ʿArabi is regarded as one of the most magnificent and beautiful in the Sufi tradition. There are fourteen prayers, one for each night and day of the week, with an extra introductory prayer. They include an unparalleled depth of knowledge of Union (tawḥīd), and for the one who recites them, they are as much educational as devotional.

    Prayers for the Week is available as hardback only. The durable binding, larger type and ribbon marker used in the cloth edition make it especially suitable for long-term recitation.

    This completely revised edition (previously published as The Seven Days of the Heart) includes:

    • an updated English translation and notes; 
    • a fully vowelled Arabic text (based on a large number of manuscripts and different lines of transmission);
    • a full transliteration (for those who do not read Arabic);
    • a comprehensive introduction and several appendices
    • an accompanying recording of the Arabic, which can be purchased separately. This will be supplied free when you purchase the book.
    Imprint: Anqa Publishing


    Dimensions: 156 x 234 mm
    No. of pages: 242
    Published: 2021


    Hardback: 9781905937653

    Here is a sample of the first prayer from the audio download

    Audio file