Payment options

Books and Videos

Online: Your order will be taken and payment can either be processed by 'PayPal' (using your paypal account, or using a credit/debit card), or you can choose 'Bank Transfer' as your payment method - but you must then transfer the money (bank details) to us straight after ordering though the shop. The books will be sent via airmail.

Other methods: Write to Anqa Publishing (our address is at the bottom of the page) listing the books you want and whether you want them sent airmail, surface mail, or courier. We will send you a pro forma invoice that includes shipping charges. We accept banker’s draft and electronic bank transfer (bank details).


Select the format you wish to buy under the E-books heading. Your credit card order will be processed by our North American agent, after which you can download the book.


When you have registered for a tour we will confirm your registration, at which point payment will be due (bank details).