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The Seven Days of the Heart

Prayers for the nights and days of the week

Ibn ʿArabi's Awrad al-usbu (Wird)

Muhyiddin Ibn ʿArabi
Translated by Stephen Hirtenstein and Pablo Beneito

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Ibn ʿArabi has long been known as a great spiritual master, but the prayers which are attributed to him remain little-known. They provide a most precious glimpse into the real practice of the mystical life within the Sufi tradition. This is the first time that any of Ibn ʿArabi's prayers have been published in another language.

This particular collection (Awrad al-usbu or Wird) is one of the most beautiful, having been revered in the Islamic world for centuries. There are fourteen prayers, one for each day and night of the week. They include not only the most astounding expressions of contemplation and devotion to God, but also an unparalleled depth of knowledge of Union (tawhid).

As the translators Pablo Beneito and Stephen Hirtenstein show in their introduction, the very structure of the prayers is a mode of contemplation, since for Ibn ʿArabi the weekly cycle itself is sacred.

This is a unique spiritual masterpiece, available for the first time in English.

The Seven Days of the Heart is now available in two print editions. The durable binding, larger type and ribbon marker used in the cloth edition, which has no dustjacket, make it especially suitable for long-term recitation.