Prayers for the week

Opening of Laleli 1520
Opening of Laleli 1520

A remarkable series of prayers, one for each day and night of the week.

From the Sunday Morning Prayer:

“Seeking and aspiring, nearness and farness, these are all qualities of the servant: so what can the servant attain through his own qualities with respect to One who is Incomparable and Transcendent in His Essence? The true place of every creature is total incapacity, standing in humility before the door of Exalted Glory, without any ability to grasp this Treasure.

How can I know You when You are the Inwardly Hidden who is not known?

How can I not know You when You are the Outwardly Manifest, making Yourself known to me in every thing?

How can I realise Your Unity when in Uniqueness I have no existence?

How can I not realise Your Unity when Union is the very secret of servanthood?”