ʿAnqāʾ Mughrib

The Fabulous Gryphon of the West

special coded letters, Berlin 3266
special coded letters, Berlin 3266

Written (in Almeria?) in 595/1199, this work gives the first full explanation of the Seal of the Saints, the meaning and spiritual rank of the Mahdi and how these functions relate to the Reality of Muhammad. The essential subject-matter of the book is the nature of Islamic sainthood (walāya).

"As for the Seal of the saints with regard to Man, it is actually an expression for the Station at which you will end up, and before which you will be brought to stand, it being each mystic traveller wherever he may arrive, his station wherever he may alight.

For [the Station of the Seal in regard to any given mystic] is not specifically imposed, but is simply the place he reaches, the gnostic himself disclosing to us its limit. But the Seal of all the Stations is the affirmation that God is One, while the secrets of existence are in superabundance."